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Mission: Employable

May 31, 2022

When Veterans prepare to transition out of the military, one of the first questions they ask themselves is usually, What do I do now”? The Department of Defense Skill Bridge is here to help answer that question and Iowa businesses are already using the program to bring top-talent to Iowa.  We’re joined by two

May 26, 2022

Can we build it!? We already have!  We’re joined by Ben Hammes, director of public affairs for the Master Builders of Iowa, to talk about all the opportunities in the construction industry. From homes to high rises, it’s all here. Find out how high schoolers can break into the construction industry and quickly...

May 24, 2022

Women are an integral part of Iowa’s workforce. We’re joined by Dawn Oliver Wiand, president and CEO of the Iowa Women’s Foundation to talk about how Iowa can create more employment opportunities for women.

May 19, 2022

The workforce of the future are the high school students of today. We’re joined by Knoxville Career and College Readiness coordinator Tyler Pearson who tells us how his school district is leading the charge to help students prepare to enter the workforce. Find out how work-based learning is allowing his students to...

May 17, 2022

Sometimes business need support and that’s what the Employers’ Council of Iowa is all about.  We’re joined by ECI President Pamela Wright, who explains how companies can expand their network on the council and how it helps address company and community needs.